Is your relationship going through a rough patch? Interested in Relationship Coaching as you’re finding the same problems keep cropping up again and again? Want to get to the bottom of it? Build a healthier, happier relationship with your partner?

Or maybe it’s time to leave? Maybe you’re in the wrong relationship but are stuck in denial, or too afraid of change to walk away? Or perhaps it’s your own “issues” that are creating the problems, and if you don’t change now, you’ll end up destroying what you have?

Whatever it is, we’ll work it all out – determining the best plan of action, and what it will take to have the kind of love in your life that you really deserve. See it could be that you need to…

Assess Your Relationship, Boundaries & Standards

What should & shouldn’t you tolerate in a relationship? How healthy is the relationship you’re in now? Are you following your own standards? How could you / your partner improve? Become happier? And stronger?

Improve Communication & Learn To Deal With Conflict

Unable to communicate? To express how you feel or speak up? Find that you and your partner keep arguing? Know there’s fundamental issues you need to resolve? Then let’s map out how. Don’t stay stuck.

Address & / Or Overcome Toxic Relationship Habits

It could be jealousy, controlling behaviour, gaslighting, narcissism, to mention just a few. Your own toxic traits or your partners – driven by fear, insecurity or self-sabotage. Evaluate what’s ok, what’s not & what to do.

Build (Or Re-Build) Trust In Your Relationship

Worried that your partner is cheating? Finding it difficult to trust? Maybe you’ve always had trust issues, or your trust has been broken, but you’re not ready to give up. The good news is, there’s things you can do.

Feel Happy & Secure In Your Relationship

Struggle with self-doubt / low self-esteem, which puts strain on your relationship? Or your attachment style / fear of abandonment makes relationships feel like a “dangerous place”? Then stop suffering! Let’s sort it!

Focus On Specific Relationship Issues

In a nutshell – we can work through any difficult situation you find yourself in. From those involving children or ex’s, to past struggles affecting your present and future. Whatever it is – simply enquire today.

Get Started with…

A relationship review

Unsure what to think? What to do? Then the best place to start is with our Relationship Review.

This is one of our hand-crafted templates (often used within our coaching programmes), that you can work through yourself, anytime you need.

What’s Included:

  • The Relationship Review is a 14-Page Printable Document, delving into the key questions you need to ask yourself to – not only accurately evaluate the full picture of where your relationship is at – but also brainstorm the possible solutions for how to get it back on track.
  • It helps you reveal your own answers, based on your specific situation.
  • The Relationship Review also comes as an instant download, ready-to-print, which means you can take action and regain control over your relationship NOW!
okay, that’s great. what else? What’s next?

RELATIONSHIP coaching calls

If you’re still struggling, we also offer Relationship Coaching calls, working with you (or your partner) one-to-one to get to the root of the problems and work through core issues there. Why stay stuck, when a specialist is there, to make the process faster and more effective?


What’s the price like?, you may be asking. Well here’s the good news…

See, we believe the best coaching programmes are personalised, which is why we don’t tie you into one set package.

Instead, you sign up for the number of calls you want / need, then we hand-craft a coaching programme for you. This is reviewed & tweaked as we go along. Click here to read our FAQ’s about coaching and how it all works.

Please note: we operate internationally. All prices are in USD, but will be automatically converted when processed, to match your currency. Use this FREE currency conversion tool to check the exchange rates right now.


YOur specialist
relationship coach…

So in case you haven’t yet read my intro yet, I’m Ell, a Specialist Relationship Coach and your new, soon-to-be friend!

As the Writer & Creator of Forgetting Fairytales, I offer relationship support to over 280,000 monthly readers. I’m also a Qualified Coach, working with clients all over the world. (So I really do “know my stuff!”)

This is my life purpose, my pure passion. See, before meeting my soul-mate, I found myself in toxic relationships, abusive relationships and even had to walk away and call off an engagement.

I know the pain. I’ve lived through it. But I’ve also immersed myself in learning what it takes to create a love that really lasts. And now – I’m able to share it with you.

I offer practical guidance, psychology-based strategies along with non-biased and non-judgemental advice, to help you gain a greater perspective on situations and ultimately, come up with those all-important solutions.

So, don’t stay stuck. Let’s work through your relationship challenges together.