On Demand Power Hour Relationship Coaching


Get Started With a Power Hour Coaching Call

Let’s start by tackling one area of your relationship that you’re having challenges with.

Why Is This The Perfect Solution?

Our Power Hour Relationship Coaching Calls offer one-to-one private coaching – providing solutions and support for any challenge you’re having within your relationship. They’re a popular starting point. Here’s why:

Instant Support, When You Need

You can book in a Power Hour Call as soon as the next-day. In a bad place? Don’t know what to do? Then book a coaching session to get clearer on on that all important action & how to go about it. Don’t stay stuck. Get a plan!


This isn’t therapy. It’s relationship coaching – designed specifically to tackle the challenges you’re currently facing. Yes we’re here to listen, but we’re also focused on “what should we do from here?” It’s action-based and all about taking control.


Instead of tying you into an entire programme, we offer our Power Hour Calls to give you a taster of the difference our Relationship Coaching can make. Get started with a single coaching call & gain confidence before fully committing.

Each Power Hour Coaching Call Includes:

  • Pre-call Consultation. Save time and share the low-down of your breakup before the call. We’ll also then determine the best thing to work on to make the absolute most of our time.
  • 60 Minutes of Specialist, Focused Coaching, working on an area of your relationship that you’re struggling with the most. Each session is results-driven which means we’ll focus on what you can do to improve the relationship.
  • Post-call Plan of Action. Never leave a call without feeling confident of the next steps. At the end of each session you’ll have clear, actionable tasks, that will genuinely create the change you want to see.

No ties, no contracts. Get started with a Power Hour Coaching Call & see the difference just one session makes…

Happy with the results you’re getting? Then check out our Bundle of 4 or Bundle of 8 Relationship Coaching Packages, for more sessions – at a discounted price.

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