8x Breakup Coaching Bundle


Buy a Bundle of 8 Coaching Calls

Committed to getting over your breakup? Want to heal from heartbreak, faster and fuller? Then sign up for our Best-Selling SIGNATURE Bundle of 8 Breakup Coaching Calls, and get ongoing support, for a fraction of the price.

With a massive 35% OFF every single call and a total saving of $336 / £280 – you won’t get better than that when it comes to Breakup Coaching.

This Package Includes Includes:

  • 8x Pre-Call Consultations. Here, we review where you’re at, the progress you’ve made, what you’re still struggling with and what we want to focus on here, to help and support you the most.
  • 8x 60 Minute Specialist Breakup Coaching Calls. Each session is results-driven which means we’ll focus on what you can do to change the way you act or feel.
  • 8x Post-Call Plan of Actions. Never leave a call without feeling confident of the next steps. At the end of each session you’ll have clear, actionable tasks, that will genuinely create the change you want to see.
  • PLUS: Accountability. When you buy a bundle of breakup coaching calls, you benefit from the accountability in between calls – when tasks are set or activities are given. See there’s plenty you can do, to get through your breakup faster and easier, but sometimes actually doing the things you need to do – is the hardest thing. With our Breakup Bundle, we keep you on track and make it happen, making our coaching far more effective.
  • PLUS: Message Support. Got a question in between calls? Has something cropped up or happened? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Send Ell a quick message and she’ll point you in the right direction for what you can do to make things easier, before you speak on your next session.
  • BONUS: Did you know your coaching bundle calls are transferrable? See, it doesn’t matter whether you sign up for Breakup, Dating or Relationship Coaching – we support you along your journey. This means you can progress from any type of coaching to another (including personal coaching – learning to truly love yourself too.)

Sign up today and start re-building yourself and your life. (You deserve it!)

Breakup Coaching Bundle of 8
8x Breakup Coaching Bundle