4x Relationship Coaching Bundle


Buy a Bundle of 4 Coaching Calls

Going through a rough patch in your relationship? Find the same problems keep cropping up again and again? Want to get to the bottom of it? Build a healthier, happier relationship with your partner? Or maybe it’s time to leave? Maybe you’re in the wrong relationship but stuck in denial?

Whatever it may be, our Bundle of 4 Relationship Coaching Calls offer enough time and support to cover all bases, work it all out, and make sure the change genuinely lasts. Whats more, when you sign up for a bundle, you get coaching calls at a fraction of the price – with 20% OFF every session!

This Package Includes Includes:

  • 4x Pre-Call Consultations. Here, we review where you’re at, what the key issues / challenges are, what you need to see and do to make it better and therefore what you’d like to focus on in your next session.
  • 4x 60 Minute Specialist Breakup Coaching Calls. Each session is results-driven which means we’ll focus on what you can do to change the way you act or feel; or how to accurately assess or improve your relationship.
  • 4x Post-Call Plan of Actions. Never leave a call without feeling confident of the next steps. At the end of each session you’ll have clear, actionable tasks, that will genuinely create the change you want to see.
  • PLUS: Accountability. When you buy a bundle of relationship coaching calls, you benefit from the accountability in between sessions – when tasks are set or activities are given. See there’s plenty you can do to create the kind of relationship you really want to have. But sometimes, actually sticking to the plan and putting it into action – is the hardest part. With our Relationship Bundle, we keep you on track and make it happen, which makes our coaching far more effective.
  • PLUS: Message Support. Got a question in between calls? Has something else happened and you don’t know what to do? Or you’re struggling to stick to the things that were discussed & decided on? Don’t worry, Ell’s got your back. Send her a quick message and she’ll point you in the right direction or give some extra words of encouragement to keep you going until your next session.

Sign up today and see the difference each session makes.

Want more strategised support for longer, with our best-selling Relationship Support Package? Then see our Bundle of 8 Relationship Coaching Calls. These can be used to not only work on any relationship challenges that you’re having, but also personal work – to build you up, and enable you to be the person (and partner) you really want to be.

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