Welcome to Forgetting Fairytales Coaching for men

Coaching for men

Forgetting Fairytales is a Specialist Breakup, Dating & Relationship blog with over 280,000 monthly readers. It has always been designed for women, but DID YOU KNOW – 35% of our readers, are in fact – men?

Why? Because, it doesn’t matter what your gender is or what your sexuality is – fundamentally, we all go through many of the same issues and challenges when it comes to love. You’re searching the same things, coming across the same articles and stumbling across our site. (Woohoo.)

Now – as we speak – we’re developing a “brother” blog of Forgetting Fairytales, designed and branded for men. As for many of you, “pink” probably isn’t your thing and there will be advice I can give to men, that’s a little different to women! (Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus as they say – and at times, we can seem like different species for sure!)

However, Breaking Coaching, Dating Coaching & Relationship Coaching is still open & available for all of our male readers in the meantime. In fact, a mighty 50% of Forgetting Fairytales’ coaching clients are MEN! (So you certainly won’t be the only one!)

Simply browse our site, the same as everyone else and sign up for what you need as you need it, knowing that our coaching is as-much-for men as it is for women! Looking forward to speaking shortly…