LEt’s clear things up…


1) Are all calls with you, Ell?

So first up, one of the most popular questions we get, is, “Are calls actually with you Ell?” The answer: “Yes! Absolutely!” I’m the writer behind all of the content you read on Forgetting Fairytales, but I’m also a real person and working with you is important to me.

One of the team may process your enquiry, or answer any questions you may have prior to signing up. But each and every coaching call, is then delivered by me.

Why? Because I know that that’s what will get you the results. I care about you. And I’m going to make sure that I’m not only here for you – but also get you through, whatever you’re going through. So rest assured, I’ve got your back, and every session that you book, will always be with me.

2) I’ve never had a coach before, what should I expect?

Coaching is all about working with you, to get you to where you want to be, feeling how you want to feel.

So maybe there’s something particular going on in your life and relationships right now – that you want to better tackle or deal with. Or it could be that there’s something lacking / missing and it’s then about how we build it in your life.

See the great thing is, all coaching is tailored TO YOU. We’ll have the overall goal of what you want to work towards, but we’ll also have a focus for each individual session, so that every single one is resulting in you taking positive steps forward. (No matter how big or small they may be.)

What’s the difference between coaching and therapy?, you may wonder…

Well, typically therapists focus on the past, whereas with coaching – although we will review the past and its impact – we will predominantly be assessing where you’re at right now (in the present) and what we can do to craft the (near) future, how you want it to be.

3) What makes your coaching different?

Forgetting Fairytales Coaching is specialist Breakup, Dating or Relationship coaching. These are our three core areas of expertise.

Our coaching is very specific and results-driven too. For this reason, we won’t just do a 60 minute call with you and that’s it. No. Included in the price, is a pre-call consultation to ensure we’re making the very most of your time, plus a post-call plan of action – so that you’re clear about what to do from here, and focused too.

This means that you get far more out of our sessions and are able to make progress, far faster and more effectively.

The unique thing about our coaching, is that all of my clients are readers. They sign up because they’ve read articles on Forgetting Fairytales that have helped them, and they want to build on it further. This means, before you even start – you have a taste of what coaching will be like.

If you’ve read any of my articles before, you’ll also see and know, how much I genuinely care. This isn’t just work for me. It’s my passion. My purpose. And I am 100% committed to getting you through whatever breakup, dating or relationship challenges you’re facing.

With Forgetting Fairytales Coaching, you don’t just gain a coach – but also, a friend.

4) How do the pre-call consultations work then?

Our Pre-Call Consultations are simple. Before each session, we send across a simple form that you can complete to evaluate where you’re at, how you feel and what you want to work on that day. This can be sent back to us as a voice-note instead if you prefer.

Not only will it get you thinking and fully set up for our session, but it also then saves time, running through the situation from the start, and means that we can make the absolute most of your 60 minute call.

These aren’t mandatory so if you’re short on time – no worries, it can be missed. It’s just an optional extra that tends to make sessions more focused and effective.

5) What about the post-call plan of action?

Our Post-Call Plan of Action’s are one of the most valuable “added extras” you get when it comes to Forgetting Fairytales Coaching.

See, we’ll cover a lot of things in our session. For some of you, you may want to make notes as we go along. For others, this may be distracting. But I don’t want you to miss anything, so not only will we round up each of our calls with a summary – but I’ll also then send you an email with any key tasks, questions or thoughts from the call, that you can then build on further.

This means that the coaching doesn’t stop the moment you put the phone down. The support is continued, additional tasks are given and accountability / check-ins are also put in place.

6) How are the coaching calls delivered?

Coaching is done over audio calls – usually on Whatsapp or Viber, depending on where you’re based and what you use.

7) Does it matter where I’m based?

Absolutely not! I’m lucky enough to work with clients all over the world. And that’s the beauty of technology – it makes it possible!

All prices are listed on our site in either US Dollars ($) or Great British Pounds (£). However, your country should be automatically picked as you land on our site, which then converts our prices, to your country’s currency. Got any problems? Simply drop us a message. We’re always happy to help!

As for time-zones? That’s for no concern! I’m not a 9-5 kinda woman. I’m used to operating internationally (and actually prefer not sticking to a schedule) so you’ll always find different times on my calendar, and if you’re struggling to find slots that work for you – let me know so we can match our diaries whilst working together. (I’m a real person, remember? And the most important thing is that I’m here for you when you need me.)

8) How soon can I schedule a coaching call in?

We get that breakup, dating & relationship coaching call requests are usually pretty urgent. That first call usually comes because you’re in a difficult situation and don’t know what to do, or are struggling to cope with where you’re at.

For this reason, we actively monitor call sign-ups and will process yours as soon as we see it. (This is always within 24 hours.) Got a question before signing up? This will be responded to, within up to 48 hours.

From there, you’ll receive your pre-call consultation form and a call booking link. Once you have our call booking link, you’re able to schedule a call as-soon-as the same day, and can continue to schedule calls via this link to match your diary and needs.

9) I want to sign up for a bundle but I’m unsure as we’ve never spoken before…

Our Bundles are our best-sellers, because they’re by-far the best value and they make you more committed to this process and your journey.

But how can you feel sure about signing up for one of these, if you’ve not yet had a coaching call before? Well:

  • Search Forgetting Fairytales blog, as we have over 300 free articles, offering advice and guidance surrounding specific breakup, dating & relationship issues. Remember, all articles are written by me (your coach!), and I happen to write how I speak, so you can get to know me via by blog beforehand.
  • If you have any specific questions to do with coaching, you can also reach our via Whatsapp, Messenger or email. Don’t worry, there’s no such thing as a “silly question”. Ask anything you need to gain complete confidence before signing up.
  • If you’re still feeling unsure – sign up for a single Power Hour Coaching Call Session. These are a little more expensive when bought individually, but you’ll gain a lot from one session alone, and will then be sure of the impact it will have if you fully commit to a bundle from there.

10) How long will I have to use the coaching calls when I buy a bundle?

There’s no timeframe to use our bundles. It doesn’t matter if you use them all within a month, or even a year!

We usually carve out some sort of schedule, but flexibility will always remain. So for example, you might start with weekly sessions, then ease into fortnightly or even monthly as time goes on and things start to settle down. Something could then happen out of the blue, and you may need an “emergency coaching call” which – again – you can book in, at any time, as soon as the same day.

On a similar note – if you don’t feel like you need a session that week, you can cancel up to 12 hours before with no additional charge. You simply use the calls as and when you need, but by signing up for a bundle, you’re getting ongoing support for a fraction of the price. It’s a win, win, really.

11) I’m interested in coaching, but I can’t afford it…

When it comes to coaching, it’s not about if you can afford to do it, but more about if you can afford not to do it. See, investing in yourself is the best investment you can and will ever make. You can’t put a price on your happiness and wellbeing.

So instead of struggling along on your own – get expert, professional support and guidance, to create the kind of relationships you really want and deserve in your life. (And that includes, the relationship you have with YOURSELF, and how you feel in yourself too.)

Our coaching is incredibly effective – getting where you want to be, feeling how you want to feel, far faster and easier. It’s worth every penny. Truly.

We offer the one-off coaching calls (that don’t tie you into any long-term contract!) and even one session alone can be highly impactful.

If you’re interested in our bundles however and want to start now, but are struggling with paying the full price in full – don’t worry, payment plans can be organised via Paypal. Simply get in touch to discuss.

In the meantime, we’re also developing our on-demand email / online coaching programmes – which will be accessible and affordable for all. (Woohoo.) But still – we can’t stress enough the value form the one-to-one coaching work, so it’s well worth exploring and considering regardless.

Got a different question? Head on over to our “Get In Touch” tab now! Please don’t hesitate to reach out…

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