Fed up of dating? Want to meet the right person, but this feels like an impossible task? Or perhaps you’re in a predicament – you don’t know what to do in a certain situation, what to think or how to act? Well my friends, Dating Coaching could be the answer! Destroy your dating demons, learn how to date smarter and more effectively, and ultimately – increase your chances of finding a love that really lasts.

Sound good? Then let’s start from the top, shall we? Here’s some of the most popular requests when it comes to dating coaching… (Just think of the difference this would make!)

Understanding Your Wants, Needs & Current Attraction

Stop falling into the same patterns – being drawn towards the wrong type of people. (It’s wasting time, and stops you from finding true love!) Instead, get clear on your wants, needs & those all important deal-breakers, to ultimately find “the one”, faster and easier.

Knowing How To Read a Person & Spot Red Flags

Know who is & isn’t worth investing your time is. Be able to tell how someone feels about you, how genuine they are, and if there’s actually “real potential” with them. Stop missing the red flags and start being DRAWN to the right people instead!

Understanding How To “Play It” To Increase Desirability

Learn how to “play it cool” the right way; how to become more attractive & desirable to your dates. Be able to remain yourself & show what you’re all about – instead of letting insecurity, worries & bad past experiences affect the way you feel & behave.

Increasing Success On Online Dating Apps

Tap into the high success rates of dating apps! Get more matches with people who genuinely excite you! Stand out. Increase response rates. Build better bonds and go on more (actually fun!) dates. Forget dating burn-out and instead, make dating more enjoyable!

Dealing With Loneliness, Rejection & Knock Backs

Dating can be tough. There’s rejection, ghosting, mistreatment (in many cases) & feeling like you’re not “good enough”. The faster & harder you fall for the wrong person, the harder it is to recover. And after a while – it can start to take its toll. But you ARE in control & we’ll give you that strength & support.

Learning How To Be Happy Being Single & Love Yourself

Learn how to fully embrace & enjoy single life in the meantime. (For real – it is possible!) Be happy by yourself – without anyone else. Because that my friends – is what creates IMMENSE power, and -actually- increases your chances of attracting the right person as well.

See here’s the thing…

“DO I really need dating coaching?”

There’s a pre-conception that you have to be bad at dating to need a dating coach. Well, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Dating coaching is not just about improving your dating skills – learning how increase interest & attraction, qualify better, date smarter, and so on.

It’s also about training you up so that you know how to respond to different situations, deal with different types of people, and ultimately – be the person that you want to be to attract the love that you deserve.

See it’s smart. Strategical. And saves you so much time and heartache! Dating coaching is therefore for anyone who wants to up their dating game.

Because hey – finding love doesn’t always have to be a battle!

Specialist breakup support & one-to-one advice


We believe the best coaching programmes are personalised, which is why we don’t tie you into one set package.

Instead, you sign up for the number of calls you want / need, then we hand-craft a coaching programme for you. This is reviewed & tweaked as we go along, as healing from heartbreak – isn’t one simple, linear journey.

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YOur specialist
DATING coach…

So in case you haven’t yet read my intro, I’m Ell, a Specialist Dating Coach and your new, soon-to-be, friend.

As the Writer & Creator of Forgetting Fairytales, I offer dating support to over 280,000 monthly readers. I’m also a Qualified Coach, working with clients all over the world. (So I really do “know my stuff!”)

This is my life purpose, my pure passion. See, after a pretty rocky relationship history (to say the least!), I immersed myself in learning everything you need to know about dating, relationships and what it takes to find a love that lasts.

I’ve developed strategies and systems to date smarter and more effectively. I’ve also dealt with “almost every situation in the book” and therefore offer non-judgemental advice to help you respond to dating dilemmas or difficult situations, in the best possible way.

My sessions are focused – yet fun, helping you to become the person you want to be and ultimately, attract the love you really deserve.