Heal from heartbreak


Struggling to get over a breakup? Can’t stop thinking about your ex? Want to be able to let go, heal, and be happy again? Then you’re in the right place. We’re here to work you through this – step by step, with FREE Breakup Advice Articles, key Breakup Printable’s (these are a real game changer!) and private one-to-one breakup coaching.

See it’s time to turn the page and well-and-truly start your next chapter. Let’s get you over your biggest breakup struggles / challenges, ease that inevitable heartache and help you move forward with complete confidence and clarity. Sounds good? Awesome.

Then let’s break it down further. Here’s some of the most common breakup challenges we help to resolve…

Gaining Closure
& Acceptance

Stop waiting – and hoping – for your ex to come back. Also stop wanting them back. (It’s over, done!) Gain peace over the past. Accept it (even if you don’t agree with it) & shift the way you see it, to start to heal.

Managing Your
Mind & Emotions

Make heartbreak more bearable with key Emotional Management techniques. Allow yourself to feel the pain, but be able to take control & regain focus – so that you can get on with your life, even when you’re hurting.

Getting Over Your Ex
(Fully & Completely!)

Stop thinking about your ex, stop obsessing over them & actually stick to “no contact”. Remove the “what ifs” & rose-tinted glasses / memories. And follow the process of how to get over your ex for good.

Mourning The Loss

Mourn the loss of the relationship and what you thought you had, or would have. Work your way through the key stages of grief, understanding how you feel & why. Feel happy & at peace, by and within yourself.

Healing The Wounds

Heal the wounds of a toxic, abusive or traumatic relationship, and gain clarity over what is and isn’t right. Process everything properly & fully so that it doesn’t affect future relationships moving forward.

Rebuilding Yourself

Stop questioning yourself, your worth and why you “just weren’t good enough.” Destroy self-doubt & insecurities. Re-build yourself, your life and your confidence again, growing into to the new-and-improved you!

Getting started…

Breakup recovery resources

Feeling a little lost? Unsure where to start? Well if you’ve already browsed through our blog, the next step is to grab yourself some of our key Breakup Printable’s.

These are SPECIFICALLY designed with breakups in mind, and are the key Breakup Recovery Resources.

From your very own Breakup Recovery Diary / Planner, to our most-popular 30 Day Breakup Recovery Challenge, we’re providing you with essential tools / activities that will help to ease the pain of heartbreak (without breaking the bank!)

Have a mooch. Check them out. We’re adding more, weekly.

You can get through this. And you will. Simply start doing small, simple things daily that will make a positive difference.

okay, that’s great. what else? What’s next?

Breakup coaching calls

Breakup Coaching is also on hand to help you work through your biggest breakup struggles / challenges, faster and easier. Why stay stuck, when a specialist is there, on hand, to make this easier? Here, watch this (as it couldn’t explain it better!)…

THE NItty-gritty…


Breakup Coaching is exactly what it says on the tin: it’s specialist coaching designed to get you through a breakup, or heartbreak. It also helps you heal the damage of any negative past dating / relationship experiences, so that you can move forward, fully and completely.

“Doesn’t it make me weak?” 

No. Not at all. There’s not an ounce of truth in that!

Breakup coaching doesn’t mean you’re not strong enough to get through it on your own. It means you’re brave enough to deal with this properly.

Breakups create a major life change. You’re also likely to carry a lot of emotional baggage from it. Emotional baggage that will only be likely to affect or sabotage your future relationships moving forward, which is why you MUST deal with your breakups the right way!

“Can’t I do it on my own?”

For sure. You can certainly try. But why struggle alone? Why make this any harder than it already is? Heal faster. Heal fuller. And use this as the turning point. 

See, breakup coaching is so much more than just the breakup alone. It’s a Personal Growth Programme as much as anything else, and gets you learning, healing, developing and growing in more ways than you could imagine.

Specialist breakup support & one-to-one advice


We believe the best coaching programmes are personalised, which is why we don’t tie you into one set package.

Instead, you sign up for the number of calls you want / need, then we hand-craft a coaching programme for you. This is reviewed & tweaked as we go along, as healing from heartbreak – isn’t one simple, linear journey.

Please note: we operate internationally. All prices are outlined in USD ($) / GBP (£), but will be automatically converted to your currency, where available. Find that yours isn’t listed? Then use this FREE currency conversion tool to check the exchange rates right now.


YOur specialist
breakup coach…

So in case you haven’t yet read my intro, I’m Ell, a Specialist Breakup Coach and your new, soon-to-be Breakup Buddy!

As the Writer & Creator of Forgetting Fairytales, I offer breakup support to over 280,000 monthly readers. I’m also a Qualified Coach, working with clients all over the world. (So I really do “know my stuff!”)

This is my life purpose, my pure passion. See, I’ve had her fair share of heartbreak. From being brutally assaulted at 15 by the person I thought was my first true love, to bouncing back from a broken engagement at 23 and having to re-build my life once more.

I know the pain. I’ve lived through it. But I’ve also immersed myself in psychology and personal development to understand what it really takes to heal from heartbreak. And now – I’m able to share it with you all.

No matter where you are, no matter what you’re going through, I PROMISE (hand on heart), you will get through this. And if I have anything to do about it – faster and easier than you would have thought too!

Breakup, Dating & Relationship Coach