LET’s get to know each other better


I thought I’d use this space to share a little more about me, and how I got to where I am today. See I’ve always loved all things love…

Growing up, I would swirl around in my Princess dresses, dreaming of that “happily ever after.” The thing is, real life hit hard for me.

At the age of fifteen, I was assaulted by the person who I thought was my first true love. It was a huge trauma that forced me to hit rock bottom, questioning everyone and everything; triggering complex-PTSD as a result.

I then got into my first serious relationship at sixteen, hoping to heal, only for it to break down two years down the line, finding out he’d also cheated on me. Brilliant. A real kick in the stomach. 

By nineteen then, I thought my luck was turning… I met a man who I thought would finally make me feel whole again. I got engaged at twenty two, was planning my dream wedding set to be married by twenty five and truly felt ready to settle down.

Only it didn’t get that far… because my hopes were ripped apart, I discovered just lie after lie and was forced to walk away, call off the engagement and re-build myself once more. Uh huh, epic sob story, I know… 

“But actually, I don’t feel sad about this. I feel at peace with it. Everything that’s happened has only helped to shape me into the woman I am today. I have turned my past struggles into strength. I’ve discovered my life purpose. And now, I am lucky enough to be living it…

See, I didn’t want anyone to ever feel as broken or alone as I once did. I also hated how helpless I felt, how powerless and vulnerable.

So I completely immersed myself in learning the depths of breakups, dating and relationships – the key challenges, the psychology that is all linked in with it, but most importantly, the solutions: what you can do. I read books, I worked out key strategies, I developed fundamental processes and -just to cover all areas– gained coaching qualifications with the Institute of Counselling and the Robbins-Madanes Coaching Academy. (Because I knew I wanted to do everything that I could, to be fully equipped in helping other people too.)

In 2020, I launched Forgetting Fairytales, a Specialist Breakup, Dating & Relationship blog, helping you: “learn to love yourself, find the right person to give your love to, and then make it a love that lasts…” Since then it has grown to over 280,000 monthly readers, reaching over 3.36 MILLION people every single year. Due to popular demand, I launched our private coaching packages (which is where you find yourself now), and have been working with men and women, all over the world, to resolve even the most challenging situations, or deeply embedded issues, ever since.

Ella & Adam

Oh, and as for my love story?

Well it just so happens that I found my “Prince Charming” after all…

We met by chance, as complete strangers. But there was an instant connection from the moment we laid eyes on each other.

We got eye contact & couldn’t help but keep looking over. In fact, it was literally like what you see in the movies… Girl looks over. Boy looks over. Girl looks away. Girl looks back. Boy‘s still looking.

This carried on a little bit, until we were both laughing and Adam then came over to speak to me. We clicked straight away, really hit it off, and the rest is pretty much history from there!

The beautiful thing is – I met Adam at a time where I was not even looking for love. And yet my love has grown into the truest, purest and strongest love I have ever felt before.

I am now in the happiest, healthiest relationship – the kind of relationship I would have once only dreamed of and I honestly couldn’t be more thankful. Whats more, I have found true happiness in myself, and that too, is the greatest gift of them all.