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So here’s the deal


Are you struggling to deal with a breakup? Can’t quite get over an ex? Not having much luck with dating? Want to find your life partner? Or perhaps you think you have, and yet you’re still facing challenges in your relationship. (Groan!) Whatever it is, wherever you’re at, Forgetting Fairytales Breakup, Dating or Relationship Coaching is on hand to help.


Hi, i’m ell…

I’m a Specialist Breakup, Dating & Relationship Coach. You may recognise me from Forgetting Fairytales, as I’m the Writer & Creator.

See, I help hundreds of thousands of men and women, every single day, with over 280,000 monthly readers, reaching over 3.36 MILLION people every single year. I have over 300 FREE articles, offering guidance and advice. This is my space, my passion, my niche.

I write about love. I coach on all things love. And I’m here to help you write the love story you really want and deserve…


What we do

Breakup Coaching

Did you know that a breakup activates the same part of the brain as physical pain? Many of the same neurological structures are involved. This means that breakups hurt. Almost literally. Which is why I provide expert coaching, guidance and advice that gets you through this major life change… far faster and easier. [Find Out More]

Dating Coaching

Dating today, has never been harder. You’ve got the hookup culture, choice overload, reluctance to commit – and that’s on top of all the timeless dating challenges. It’s really quite problematic. So how do you navigate the dating world, to still find love in 2022? Well, you’re in luck – as that’s where dating coaching comes in. [Find Out More]

Relationship Coaching

There’s some pretty crazy breakup & divorce rate statistics that can all sound doom & gloom, but you don’t have to become just another number. Relationships face challenges, inevitably. (Many of which stem from personal issues impacting the relationship too.) But you can take control, to create a love that really lasts. [Find Out More]

True love starts within.

Create Your Own “Happily Ever After”…

Launching this August, sign up for the Starts Within coaching programme, accessible for all. No matter where you’re at or what your relationship status is, learn how to truly love yourself. Gain the happiness, healing, self-confidence and self-acceptance, to be who you want to be, and feel the way you want to feel. Don’t leave your happiness in anyone else’s hands…